Why Cover Crops?

Deep Soil Tilth

NitroRadish® can break soil compaction up to 3 feet deep or more, allowing crops to mine deeper nutrients and moisture.

Recycles Nutrients

NitroRadish® excels at storing nutrients in its massive root system and releasing those nutrients at termination.

Weed Suppression

NitroRadish® and TNT Vetch® are very effective at suppressing weed growth and decreasing herbicide costs.

Improved Water Infiltration

Cover crops can significantly increase water infiltration/drainage and water-holding capacity.

Meet GS3 Quality Seed


Garth Mulkey, owner of GS3 Quality Seed, Inc.

GS3 Quality Seed is a family-owned operation based in Oregon's Willamette Valley. The company specializes in producing high-quality, high-performing cover crop products. GS3's flagship products are NitroRadish® and TNT Vetch®, both of which are Oregon grown by GS3. More About Us