Crimson Clover

Uses and Benefits

Crimson clover is generally regarded as the most cold-tolerant of the annual clovers. As one of the few legume cover crop species that can often overwinter in the Midwest and Northeast after a fall planting, it can, therefore, generate significant amounts of nitrogen before being terminated in the spring. Crimson clover is quick to establish and mixes well with other species. It works well for erosion control and is a high-quality forage crop. Crimson clover is one of the most affordable annual legume species to establish.

Adaptation Zone

With its excellent cold tolerance, crimson clover can be successfully grown from the Gulf Coast to the upper Midwest and Northeast and throughout much of the West.

Planting Instructions

Plant crimson clover 1/4-inch deep at the same time cool-season grasses are planted. In the northern areas, crimson clover can be spring planted. Plant 15 lbs/acre for a pure stand.