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A fast-growing fall brassica associated with the canola family; rapeseed has a deep root for scavenging residual nitrogen. We typically offer the varieties Dwarf Essex and Trophy, subject to availability. Seed is available in bulk totes as well as numerous smaller bag size to match the needs of your customers.


Upright cool-season or winter annual that grow 3-5 feets tall. They have narrow leaves, yellow flowers, a strong taproot, and fibrous and lateral roots.


Species Summary

Rapeseed, Brassica napus, is a short-term brassica used for forage, wildlife, and cover crops. Rapeseed produces large leafy plants up to 20” long by 15” wide. These leaves are full of protein – up to 20% and very attractive to grazing and browsing animals. It’s regrowth and high digestibility make it ideal for pastures as well as food plots. Besides providing a dense canopy, rapeseed has demonstrated natural resistance to weeds and certain pests. It is a good choice for fall and winter production.

Rapeseed is known to have good cold tolerance but should be planted 8 weeks prior the last frost for optimal survivability. It can also be planted in the spring to give approximately 4 months of growth before flowering.

Dwarf Essex Rapeseed

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