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Yellow Sweet Clover


This drought-tolerant clover produces beautiful yellow flowers and can be used for forage, cover cropping, and more.


Upright annual or biennial that grows 1.5 – 7 feet tall. Has serrated leaflet edges with three leaflets per leaf. Has white or yellow flowers and as extensive taproot. Yellow sweet clover is  drought tolerant, vigorous as a seedling, flowers early, and has spreading growth.

Effective Legume!

It is used for forage, cover cropping, conservation, and honey making.

Yellow blossom sweet clover persists in pastures and tolerates adverse conditions better than white varieties.

Sweetclover can produce and deposit a high percentage of hard seeds that persist in the soil for many years. This accounts for its consistent volunteering in many areas.



Yellow blossom is considered to be one of the most drought-tolerant of forage legumes and is very winter-hardy. In temperate climates with mild summers, it can survive and thrive through a second year of production. Sweetclovers grows where alfalfa, red clover and white clover fail, such as on clay pan soils or on sands and tolerates low fertility and wet conditions. Yellow blossom prefers non-acidic soil (pH above 6.0).

Nitrogen producer.

Yellow blossom sweetclover contributes up to 275 lbs. N/A and adding valuable organic matter.


Seeding rate 12 to 15 lbs/acre.

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