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Uses & Benefits

NitroRadish®, a tillage-type radish designed for maximum benefits in cover crop programs, is one of the of the most versatile and beneficial cover crop products available.

NitroRadish® provides the following benefits:

  • The ability to grow massive tubers and deep taproots, which can break soil compaction up to 3 feet deep. Breaking hardpans can make an immediate different in the drought tolerance of crops. Roots are able to find water deeper in the ground, along with mining deeper nutrients that were previously unavailable.

  • Quick establishment and significant foliage, which suppresses weed growth.

  • Nutrient storage and recycling ability. The huge root system and leafy top growth absorbs large amounts of nutrients, including nitrogen, which is then released back into the soil after the plant winter kills or is terminated. This nutrient storage ability is valuable in any field, but it is particularly valuable on fields that receive "off-season" manure application. The radish can keep much of those nutrients in the field, rather than leaching out with rainwater.

  • Production of organic content. The radish plant, with much of it underground, is one of the best species to use to build organic content. Higher organic contents help with better drainage and water-holding capacity (allowing for more timely planting dates), and higher organic content aid in more healthy micro-organism activity in the soil.

  • Better water infiltration. Related to both decreasing soil compaction and higher organic content, NitroRadish® helps improve a field's ability to absorb, and hold, water. This allows for more timely planting and harvesting conditions, while keeping that moisture in the ground and available for crop use.

  • Quick establishment and excellent erosion control.

  • Excellent forage quality. NitroRadish® is often used in mixes for fields that need a cover crop (every field can benefit from a cover crop) but are also used for forage production. NitroRadish® is a very good component in a grazing mix.

  • Very good compatibility with other cover crop species.

  • The University of Maryland discovered radishes increased spring soil temperatures by 6-8 degrees F over soils in fallow fields. This increased temperature can help with faster crop establishment and early-season growth.


Adaptation Zone

NitroRadish® can be planted throughout much of the Eastern U.S. and Great Plains and irrigated areas of the West. It is usually fall planted and needs 30-60 days of growth before a killing freeze. NitroRadish® can overwinter in the South but often winterkills in the North. Nevertheless, even in areas of the North where NitroRadish® may winterkill, the product provides all the excellent benefits. As a matter of fact, many growers prefer the cover crop to winterkill. Consecutive nights of lows near 20 F will kill NitroRadish®.   


Planting Instructions

NitroRadish® should be planted at 5-8 lbs/acre for a pure stand. In mixes, the seeding rate may vary, but at least 2-4 lbs/acre is recommended. NitroRadish® can thrive in a broad range of soil conditions. Avoid planting in low spots that hold water. Plant at 1/2 inch deep, unless the soil is very light and dry, then plant up to 1 inch deep.